I have been meaning for ages to start a travel blog with comments and pictures from places I’ve been, their cultures, languages, culinary habits and the like, but I have been postponing it, apparently due to being too busy travelling or working when at home. Or pursuing other writing activities.

My name is Spiros Doikas, an English-Greek translator by profession. I love nature, travelling, meeting people from different cultures and speaking their languages and cultures (Italian being my favourite as I consider it one of the primarily “spoken” cultures, i.e. when you speak Italian, you speak more the culture than the language). I must also confess that I have a profoundly sweet tooth (although my figure hardly betrays that) and I adore ethnic cuisines. So expect to read posts about how to chase and hunt down the perfect profiterole in Athens or how to avoid being hit by a huge durian with sticky rich in Thailand.

Hmmm, should I start a food blog rather than a travel blog? I must confess, I am a hedonist and an aesthete (or a hedonistic aesthete or an aesthetic hedonist?). No matter what, feel free to join me in my adventures—culinary or otherwise.



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